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An Evening in The River Market

When I think of Little Rock, I often think of the River Market, or the Capital. Short bumpy bus rides to places that a middle schooler would go to during a field trip. Mostly because that's what I did as a middle schooler. There are some fun funky little places hidden down the streets in and amongst the bars, shops, and concert spaces. The Library for starters was one of my favorite places!

I digress, why is a photographer talking about Little Rock? Because that is the location of this beautiful session. I've only done a handfull of sessions in downtown, but I know that I want to do more, so holla at ya girl and we can set something up ;)

Anyway back to this lovely couple. Justin and Hunter were so amazing and willing to model for me in the Rainbow alley and around downtown during sunset. They have been together for a little while and are ENGAGEDDDD <3 (and Hunter is an amazing photographer in his own right and I love to see his work!)

Anywayyyy back to this session. We started out in the beautiful and popular Baker Alley with just general fun and getting used to the idea of an urban elopement in the middle of a Friday night, haha!

I was so fortunate to team up with Han the owner of Petal to the Metal Floristry for the florals for this shoot. She is truly an artist and I love getting to photograph her work (and her! stay tuned for that blog soon!)

From the Alley we moved to a few differnt spots in the River Market to showcase just how much fun you can have while you elope downtown. We love the idea of a courthouse wedding, but why stop at the courthouse when you can explore the area around you?

We finished the evening on a rooftop parking deck with a gorgeous sunset. Again, an urban elopement doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful sunset portion of your session! Adventure elopements can happen anywhere, not just in National/State Parks! Remember your elopement is about you, your love story, your love, and you are able to make it fit whatever you want. I am always down for the ride and am an Ah-MAZING third wheel.

Remember you can get married basically anywhere you want with your partner. The top of a parking deck at sunset, a forest glen in the middle of the afternoon, by the river at sunrise. As long as you are with the person and people who matter most, you can do anything.

Thank you again Hunter and Justin for allowing me to capture how fun and unique eloping in Arkansas can be!

Interested in eloping in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, or beyond? Fill out the contact form here and we can get to planning!

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