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Real Session - Alyssa Editorial Maternity

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Happy July Everyone.

A few weeks ago I put up a poll on my Instagram Story, which if you aren't following me on Instagram, you should be! (here!) Lot of fun ideas, content, and general questions happen in the Story section. I also use my highlights feature fairly often so sometimes you'll see duplicates, haha!

Back to the poll, I asked if everyone would like a real session blog post or a more advice driven blog! I'll let you guess which option won! xD

Back in March I ran a special on indoor floral top sessions, these are some of my favorite sessions to do! I have also expanded this to include a more... ~empowered~ option for people. So flowers, books, greenery, hats, signs, whatever you can make a top to cover your... good bits, you can use! I've done several with florals and I am so excited to do more of these in the future!

Anyway, back to March, I had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa for her session and she was absolutely glowing, seriously glowing. She was about 7 months pregnant with her little girl, who is ADORABLE by the way, and she rocked everything for this session.

We used flowers, we used greenery, we used a funky little fan. She had a killer outfit and some bangin' accessories! When I say all of the heart eyes, I mean ALL of the heart eyes!

It definitely helped that a good friend of mine is an actual artist when it comes to making floral wraps, because wowza, I gave Rachel an idea and boy did she deliver! Follow her here for some ah-mazing flowers, exciting North West Arkansas goodness. She is a gem!

Back to Alyssa and her gorgeous baby bump! We were able to meet at this lovely natural light studio and we didn't let the cold temperatures from the day bother us. The light cloud cover created a beautiful natural diffused light situation that I could not get over.

Alyssa was such a joy to be around and get to meet. Our session was filled with so much laughter and conversation. I truly love being a parent, and am always so glad to talk with someone when they ask about my experience as a parent. I don't go crazy with the nightmares but like most parents know, it isn't all rainbows. Did I recommend my favorite swaddle ? Of course! Did I also recommend eating before EVERY appointment in the third trimester? Obviously.

She was so excited about getting ready to meet her sweet little, and I am so glad that I was able to connect with Alyssa for this special session.

This session truly helped me come out of a little bit of an artist's funk that I had be stuck in. It also just helped me come out of a general funk I had been in. The laughter, the conversation, the flowers, the things we had to deal with during the session, ask me if you are curious, haha! It was just a wonderful way to kick off my spring busy season. Thank you so much Alyssa, and congratulations to you and your family. <3

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