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Sometimes you just have to go with the flow when you're on an adventure!

Like in life sometimes there is a chance of rain on the day of your session/elopement. Sometimes we are able to reschedule the session if it is a local/non-pressing session, easy-peasy.

But if it is an elopement or an adventure session we just go for it! (as long as it is safe) That's exactly what happened a few weeks ago when planning for Lorelei and Gavan's anniversary session. We wound up at Steel Creek and Triple Falls in the Buffalo National River Park.

It had been off and on raining all week, and of course I figured it would stop once we got to Steel Creek, but that wasn't our luck. So instead we busted out my two clear umbrellas I keep in the car for this very reason, my camera rain cover and just went for it!

We were able to get so many beautiful and fun portraits at Steel Creek before we made our way to Triple Falls. (Please note that this does lay on private land owned by the Boy Scouts of America. You are able to park in the parking lot and take the short trek to the falls, but you must make sure you follow all posted signs and rules.) We did play in the field immediately behind the parking lot for about 10 minutes, but there wasn't any posted signs saying we couldn't, so definitely do that at your own risk.

I will highly recommend a vehicle that has great brakes, and solid acceleration as the way down is extremely steep (with signs and places to stop and let your brakes cool) and the way back up is just as steep on gravelly road. It is worth it though. 100%. Other than that! Go and have fun at the beautiful gem <3 Like I said it is an easy trek from the parking lot so there will usually be people there.

The river was a little low even with the rain that we had that morning, so we had more of a Double Falls situation versus a Triple Falls, but the way the light hits the moss and the way everything just lined up, was so perfect. We went a little Boho-Glam for this portion of their session and I'm in love.

I cannot wait to photograph another elopement in the Buffalo National River Park. I love being able to take my couples to these beautiful hidden gems in our state. Well, I say an elopement, I would love to capture a family session or couple's "just because" session. I just love coming out toward this beautiful part of our state.

Lorelei's Gown and Jacket came from Flutter Dress they have some of the most beautiful and versatile dresses for portraits/elopements and I cannot recommend them enough. You can purchase them via etsy or rent them directly from their site!

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