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The Reason Why I Am A (Professional) Photographer

In my previous post I talked about myself, who I am, my family, some favorite snacks. Nothing too crazy.

I didn't really get into the reason of the why I became a professional photographer. I have always had a camera in my hand, like most photographers my age. I began taking photos when my dad handed me his Ricoh 35mm camera (I still own this camera). He taught me how to zoom on the 18-55mm lens, and how to focus by making sure that the rings in the viewfinder lined up, just so. From there my love of capturing moments took off. I begged for my own camera for years, and when my family finally got our first digital camera.I was a senior in high school (it used a floppy disk for memory!) I was so besotted with the fact that I could take the picture and IMMEDIATELY see the results of my, many, MySpace selfies.

My First Selfie Circa 2006

From there I started asking for my own digital camera, which I did receive for Christmas my freshman year of college! I was unstoppable, and pretty much insufferable, I'll admit, about bringing it with me everywhere. I captured alllll of the memories and so many #profilepics, it was the best! I dabbled mostly in what would now be considered "abstract" photography and some occasional model portraits, but it was a lot of quick edits that would add black and white, and color pop, some super cool saying or quote in an awful color splashed across the photo.

a small sampling of albums that I took with my first digital camera

And that was how it was for several years, a lot of hobby photos, and just in general capturing life as it is and was. I met my spouse and we eventually, like most people, possibly even you, were looking for a wedding photographer. We hired someone and thought things were going to be okay. Things felt off at a few meetings but nothing terrible; I figured it was normal. I had some simple requests because, ten years ago it was en vogue to do a lot of color pop, heavy vignette, heavy editing of skin texture and tone, just in general, heavy editing for everything. I didn't want that, I wanted to remember my wedding, in the years to come, the way it happened. True to life, all of my friends, family, and loved ones, having an amazing time. Things... were not very positive from the day of the wedding on, but figured it was normal, I had never hired a professional photographer before. Once everything was said and done... I felt defeated, sad, hurt, and angry if we are being honest. I never wanted anyone else to feel that way again after their wedding, or any photo session. Ever again. It took a few years to get it all together, mostly getting my first D-SLR, and having our first child, but from there it has taken off.

A photo from our wedding that a good friend of ours captured. (not the hired photographer)

I have captured so many wonderful memories for so many wonderful people. I cannot wait to capture more. From maternity sessions, to adventure elopements, I am here for you and ready to go! I hope you always feel so excited when you get your emails, messages, texts, or calls from me. I want all of our sessions to end with us laughing on the way back to our cars and having a hard time saying goodbye. I love finding out, years down the road that you printed all of your photos from our session and have hung them up in your home and they still have a place up on your walls. I am always so humbled when clients return, year after year, and we grow beyond a client and photographer relationship. I have had so many clients become friends, I have been there for some of their best days, and witnessed some of their worst, and tried to be a good friend. My main why, for becoming a Professional Photographer... is you.

I hope this all helps with understanding why I get so excited and worked up about your sessions. It sounds dark but, at the end of everything when the dust of life has settled and the people who love you are left behind, all they will have are the memories of you, and pictures. Even if the photos are silly, and you are uncomfortable for the first five minutes, come and hang out with me for an hour in the sunlight, and let's capture those memories.

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