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What I Carry In My Bag!

Hey Hey!

It has been a hotttt minute since I posted a blog, because life is crazy and it never fails that I make big plans to have consistent blogs right at the beginning of my busy season.


I thought it would be fun to kick everything back off with an introduction of what I usually have in my bag! It varies day to day, session to session, but there are always a few consistent items!

First and foremost: My Main Camera.

The Canon R6 Mirrorless camera. I love this camera. Lightweight, fast, great in low light, ugh, chef’s kiss.

I usually have one of two lenses on the R6. Either the Tamron 24- 70mm VS II or the Sigma Art 35mm. Both wonderful lenses, fast as anything and just overall great lenses. I have a 50mm as well, but don’t really use it as often as I used to. I’ve been thinking of getting a 70-200mm or a 100mm.I know, I know it sounds so silly but both are great, haha!

I also use SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards. Both the SDXC and Compact Flash varietals. I find that they are the faster and more reliable brand.

I also keep some bug spray, mini first aid kit, flash light, and on longer sessions/remote sessions Water bottle, snack, and some kind of emergency kit. :)

That’s it. Pretty simple and straight forward :)

Questions? Comments? I can do my best to answer them for you!

Until Next Time!



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