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White Rock Mountain, A Local Favorite

Oh, White Rock, when you mention this beautiful location what usually comes to most people's minds is a beautiful portrait that is reminiscent of the one below.

A beautiful sunset or sunrise overlooking a beautiful valley in the Ozark - St Francis National Forest. I will admit, I am a sucker for this view. I am extremely afraid of heights, but I gladly get in position to capture these breath taking images. For sure this area is definitely not without it's risks. If you fall from one of the cliffs it is highly likely to be fatal. I do not recommend the actual outlook for anyone with mobility issues or young/flighty children. Some of the trails butt up against sheer drops.

I always make sure to take precautions when I go to White Rock Mountain. Full tank of gas, fully charged phone, water, snacks, charging cords, first aid kit, light sweater, (it can be breezy up at the overlook), offline maps downloaded to my phone since service can be spotty on the way up and down the mountain. For the safety of my clients, and myself, I do not ever encourage anyone to get any closer than 6 feet from the edge. We are here to create pleasant memories and capture a beautiful time, not for anyone to get injured. I follow the "Leave No Trace" Principles as well. We pack it in, and pack it out, I am very passionate about being a good steward for our planet, and I hope that you are too if you have made it to my website/blog!

While the overlook tends to be the main showstopper for White Rock Mountain, I also have fallen in love with the areas on the trail leading up to the outlook, as well as the parking area near the trailhead. So I usually plan about a two hour session when we book this location. I also like to meet up with you at the bottom of the road so we can go up together!

So, I've now convinced you to go on an adventure to White Rock, now what? Well, if we are going for an adventure session we pick a few dates, so we have some backups just in case of the weather/road being not the best, we talk shop about your styling, and then we go! (We will have to pay for parking once we get there but the money goes to help with the upkeep of the area!) If you have decided that this is the place you want to exchange your vows for your elopement or intimate wedding, I can help you there as well! I can either guide you through the process of getting the permit or I can do it for you! Any wedding or elopement that takes place requires the permit. It allows for the park to block of the Overlook for your ceremony and portraits after! I can also help you with your wedding license as well! (Kind of an all in one type of situation here, haha!) I know a few wonderful officiants if you are wanting to have a religious ceremony, so please don't hesitate to ask! In fact if you have any questions about any part of planning your elopement at White Rock, I am more than happy to help!

I hope I have answered any questions you have had about this beautiful location. I cannot wait to capture your memories here soon!

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